SilVR Thread

Our Story

We've been making VR for 4 years: that's prehistoric in the industry.  We've filmed in Africa, Asia, Europe, North & Central America.

We invented and patented the best in the world 'Halo' POV VR Camera.  We call our technology "In-Body POV": it means when you look down in VR you actually see a body.

If you tell people "you can go to Mars in VR", shouldn't they have a body when they get there?


Patented 'Halo' POV VR Camera

6 lbs
fully untethered
comfortably worn by actors & stunt people
splash resistant

12th generation
ortho stereoscopic 3D
head mounted
mechanical & digital stabilization
60 FPS

full motion capable
proximity to camera: 12"
raw capture: 16K (4K x 4K stereo)
snow, desert, ocean & UFC kick tested
plus 6 defense & unlimited mana

A Few Clients

'Halo' POV VR Package



In-Body POV Pre-Production

We all know telling a story in VR is different from a flattie.  So too does In-Body POV VR come with its own advantages, difficulties, and subtleties.  We give you our pre-production POV expertise up front to ensure you get the most value and quality.  We never get in the way of your creative or client relationship.




We bring 2+ 'Halo' cameras to each set so that we're never the production bottleneck.  We bring camera operators & trainers, data management, and everything necessary for seamless capture.  We advise live during the shoot to ensure a fluid and productive day.


Post Production

Stitching 'Halo' POV footage is radically different from current 360 cameras.  You need to fail 1,000 times to make a light-bulb and the same is true for stitching In-Body POV.  We rough stitch, fine stitch, & polish using our proprietary workflow.  We never get in the way of your editing or post process.


Additional Services


APP Development

Sure helps if people can actually view your awesome content!  We have a white label player and app custom-made for In-Body POV.

Here's an example of an app we co-developed for Lionsgate's movie NERVE on iPhone or Android.


VR Camera Services

Over 4 years in the industry we've developed an expertise with any camera you need.  Drones, rovers, tripod-based, animal-POV: you name it, we can handle it.

You wouldn't shoot a flattie only in close-ups, so why limit yourself to only one "lens" in VR?


Full Production Services

We know sound, lighting, talent, permits, and of course craft services.  Why not rest your legs on the table and let us do all the heavy lifting?

Happy full production clients include AT&T, Hulu, and more.