SilVR Thread



The Right Team for the Job

We know training inside and out: methodologies, technologies, how to measure success, & how to avoid failure. Our members have deep experience with rigorously regulated industries: pharmaceutical, aviation and banking.  We know training is only effective if people are engaged, so our team also includes Hollywood storytellers hard at work on your modules.

We create engaging, challenge-solving VR training: it’s in our DNA.


Why Use VR?



Effective learning requires engaging content and presentation. Learning in a VR Head-Mounted Display (HMD) means that employees pay attention and avoid distraction. No one can check their phone or email while being educated in 360°. But who would want to, when VR can teleport you anywhere and training is fun again?


Skill Acquisition + Retention

360° training where you are immersed in the environment is the game changer.  Studies show higher retention and reduced time to proficiency compared to traditional training methods. VR provides learners with a private and safe environment to learn from mistakes through failed simulations.

Scalable Learning Growth

OJT and apprentice style learning can be effective but are time consuming and difficult to replicate.  VR training modules give learners the benefits of One-on-One style learning but in a scalable, cost-effective, computer-based modality. Dynamic VR modules can change and provide feedback to each learner for maximum growth potential.


SilVR Thread Patented In-Body VR

No one else can put you in the body of the Expert, your Customer, or truly immerse you in a location like SilVR Thread can. When you can look down and see a body in VR viewers feel more vulnerable, present, and engaged.



Be The Expert

Our In-Body VR lets learners virtually ‘see through the eyes’ of the master specialist.  Knowledge transfer from the subject matter experts directly to trainees helps jump start procedural learning in a scalable way. For example, medical students can experience a procedure performed “in the shoes” of the master surgeon.


Role Playing

VR makes role-playing training much easier, but only In-Body VR can best approximate the true scenario learning. We enable better empathy by allowing you to see through the eyes of multiple perspectives in the same situation. For example, leadership and sales teams can train for difficult conversations as well as experience the other side of the table.


Virtual Site Visit

VR can give you a curated “best-of” tour of locations that are too expensive, time consuming, or dangerous to otherwise visit. In-Body VR provides the most visceral experience for viewers with greater presence at these locations. For example, clients, prospects and trainees can see the inner workings of a manufacturing facility while remaining in their office or home.


Product Demonstration

Some products and services are difficult or impossible to demonstrate with slide decks, pamphlets or even traditional videos. In-Body VR can put your prospects in the driver seat of your product better than anything short of a live demo. For example, sales and marketing teams will be armed with impactful and cost-effective VR product demonstrations for off-site meetings, trade shows and beyond.